Behold, a Rash Decision!

In a moment of temporary insanity I've decided to blog in english from now on. Some people may claim that I stole a page from Linda's book, and rightfully so, but I would like to add that there's more to it than that.

Like, five seconds ago, I posted a comment on a fic on LiveJournal using their OpenID option and my BloggerID. I then realised that I blog in swedish and if the author of said fab fic would by a random mutany of her clicky-finger drop by and check out my blog, she wouldn't understand crap.

So there you have it. Considering this fic is a Btvs-Ats-Leverage X-over team!fic with a good plot, spot on characterizations and voices, a distinct lack of OOC-ness and an awesome blend of drama, crack! and angst, I'd say it's a totally Rad but totally understandable decision.

Well, I'm off for sleep, I guess.

(Shit. Does this mean I have to renew my entire tags list?)

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