No work, all play - but no pay.

No work today.
Instead I went to bed again, after two and a half hours of fruitless waiting for my phone to ring. I really hate that part. The sort of "Please, please call me, I need money" combined with "I'm SO freakin' tired, don't call, just let me go back to bed". The indecisiveness is amazing at that time of the day, trust me.

But still, I got to sleep 'til past noon, which is both good and bad.
And I got to catch up with Charlie. We spent a couple of hours angsting over money and wether or not we should go to Taizé for Ascension Day. Not being filthy rich can sure suck sometimes.

But well, time for some very late dinner, and then more Twilight.
(I'm reading the books now aswell. Don't be hating on me.)

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