Supermassive Black Hole

*Does tiny dance.
Quickly glances around to see if anyone noticed.
Does another tiny dance.*

It's payday! And double the money, double the fun. It seems that I was wrong about the kindergarten salary, and it came in today, along with the church one. *Slightly bigger dance.*
The plan was not to blow it all at once, and I certainly won't, but I do plan to finally go buy the pretty, pretty dress fron Bik Bok. Heh, Snerk. I Love Money.

Now I'm off to the Ö.T part of town. Lots o' kiddies, and not enough sleep for me, but I'll manage. After all, It's payday! *Shakes booty like madman.*

And also, I kinda, maybe downloaded Twilight to see what all the freakin' fuss was all about, and it seems that Robert Pattison might just be super pretty. Like, smooch your face pretty. And also, the SOB can sing. Like, I wanna have your babies, write songs and sing.

And the thing about Twilight is that it's kin of bad. But still pretty good. Like a FF.net fic with a well used plotline and sort-of-bad writing. It has it's high moments when you go 'I might just have to buy a new keyboard, 'cause all that drool must've killed it' and then there are scenes when you slam your head into said keyboard, 'cause, really? Sparkles? Neh.
But still, I watched twice in the same amount of days. Propably gonna watch again tonigt.
Robert Pattison FTFW.

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Evelina said...

Oh, hello you with the money! Support starving poor naked children, GIVE ME THE MONEY!

Okay, maybe not the right approach, just because I found a super pretty dress I can't afford... (And for me to even consider wearing dresses that is a big deal, but I seem to have killer legs, so...)

Enough rambling. Not even gonna comment the Twilight thing. R-Patz is probably awesome, as he was in HP-GOF ^^ (Don't we just love our.......... OMG VAD HETER FÖRKORTNINGAR PÅ ENGELSKA?)

I was gonna stop rambling. Sorry for giving you the wierdest comment in the world.