Iron & Wine

Another fab part of music history that the world should be privy to.

Still, I know my blogging sucks.
But it's because it seems (to me atleast) that nothing new ever happens.
I work, I hang out with a lot of awesome people, I nerd as much as I can and I obsess even more.
Though, I am ashamed, 'cause I never blared it to the world that one of the most kick ass people on the planet turned 20 this tuesday, so I'll do it now.

Happy B-Day, My lovely Evelina. <3
I love you with all my heart, and I hope to be around for 20 more, just to laugh at you when you turn 40 a year ahead of me. Smooch.
We went out and celebrated her on saturday, which was loads of nerdy fun, especially for me and Linda who spoke english to our hearts content.

Um.. what else?
Oh yeah, payday on friday! *Does booty dance in advance*
And also, Charlie is home from London, whick kicks ass.
He lives at home with mom, dad and me though. Not so much ass kicking. Kinda cramped actually. But he's not home all that much to be frank, bless him.
He did convince me to watch Children of Men, which made me fall asleep with a sort of 'Oh, we're al royally fucked' kind of attitude. But it got better.

But mostly I'm just counting the days, and biding my time.

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