My dad has a hickey.

It scares me. Old people shouldn't have hickeys.
Dad, wear a scarf or something?

Anyway. I'm home again. Tove helped me miss the buss from Borås, so I got to take the train instead, which in the end was cheaper, more comfortable and faster. Nice.
Still, no work tomorrow. So I think I'm gonna read some fanfic before bed. And possibly read and/or watch Twilight. Heh. Cough. Thumbroll.
(Is it bad that I read all four books in less than a week?)

Dentist appointment wednesday.
But I'm thinking I'm gonna force Evlajn to meet me afterwards,
since she lives there. Sort of. Hint hint.

Well then. Night night.


Haje said...

Old people???
Isn´t good that your parents have a healthy sexlife in their old days... not much else for us to to.


Veronica said...

Why english darl?