You would Take Me Anywhere

My God, Nostalgia is Such a Trip.
I'm listening to Tegan and Sara, to songs I listened to in another life it seems.
Songs from days of different tears, differet laughter, different fears.
Different people, other places and a whole other set of worries and dreams.

But still. I Kinda like where I am now.
So I think I'll just make new memories to old song.
I won't forget the old ones though. Maybe I'll self-consor a bit. 'cause that's just plain healthy in some cases. But right now, I'm gonna remember the first time I saw Tegan and Sara at Malmöfestivalen and danced in the rain afterwards, with Linda and Evlajn.

Me and Charlie decided we're not going to Taizé for Ascension Day, and save our money for The Party and the actual Big Trip instead. Some weight off of my shoulders I'm forced to admit.
Leaves me more time to worry about other things instead ^_^
Dentist and Evlajn tomorrow. Yay.
(Sarcasm applies only for the dentist part. Can't wait to see Evlajn. <3)

He grabs me by the hand
And drags me to the shore;
He says 'Maybe you don't love me,
But you'll grow to love me even more'.
And I- Well, I'm not surprised.

If I gave you my number,
Would it still be the same?
If I saved you form drowning,
Promise me you'll never go away.
Promise me you'll always stay.

Oh, and Veronie?
The english? For long answer: Scroll down.
Short answer: Total impulse decision. Learn to love it. ^_^
And Mom?
Of course you and Dad can have a sex life.
I just really don't need to hear about it. Or.. notice hickeys. Guh.


Veronica said...

Aah, I see my love. I totally agree with you about the "parents-having-sex-thing" by the way! Örkpörk!

Evelina said...

My parents never ever EVER had sex. I was found on their doorstep... Or so I tell myself to be able to sleep at night ;)

Cardiac sympathetic said...