Haha - Hihi - Haha - Ho

No work. So I guess the Jinx is a complete hoax. Good to know.
I'm still on the couch. I can see out the backdoor ('cause it's made of glass, not 'cause it's open) and I start shivering just looking at our newest addition to the garden - our pear tree - almost breaking in the Skania Weather. Sometimes I hate living smack dab next to a freakin field.

But face the perils that lie on The Outside I must, for I have an addiction to nicotine. And I don't have any snus. Therefore I have armed myself with -you ready?
Leg warmers are hugely underrated in my opinion. There kind of nice. Heh.

Love me, Hate me, Say what you want about me
But all of the boys and all of the girls are begging to
If You Seek Amy

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