It's going down, down...

Tv these days just..disgust me.
It's absolutely repulses me. Every channel is dripping with applications, commercials and absolute bullshit designed for making money off of people who don't know better.
Oh, and the girl who "felt everything change" when she started using ProActive?
I wanna frikkin' kill her. "I started singing again, and I've been seeing someone for eight months now." From a fucking face wash?!

Sometimes I wonder if there actually are people out there who are fooled by these commercials. "Buy this tonic for your hair! It has magical powers and, as you see here, even men in their 60's can date women in their teens, just from buying some bullshit product meant to help with receeding hairlines. Buy now!"

Fuck this shit.
Two months, and I'm gone.

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Syster Stina said...

Jag har insett att jag numera bara går in på din blogg, SER texten, men läser inte den. Fy vad jag är dålig på engelska...