Never say it's a slow day in the pit.

I keep hoping I haven't jinxed myself.
Last night I sent several text messages to several different people, claiming that satan would ice skate down my street before they called from work. And, as we all saw on Grey's Anatomy last night and as my mom keep telling me; "Never say it's slow. Ever."

(Izzie married Alex, OMG! I can't belive there are people with TVs who choose not to watch Grey's Anatomy. Swoon.)

Right now I'm on my couch, watching the Tyra Banks Show. Tyra's smacking this spoiled kid from the suburbs over the head 'cause she thinks her life is So Hard. Go Tyra!
Strangely enough, I'm eating popcorn and drinking water. That's all my stomach wanted this morning. My breakfast habits are fucked up, I know.

Time for some Timbaland.

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