Sweet, Sugar Candyman.

It's sad when someone can make three young women drool on their shoes and not know that they're doing it. Like, fo real.

So anyway, confirmation with the kids tomorrow. I'm so gonna cry, I've finally realised. It's the end of a stinking era. My last confirmation group. I might help out a little when I get back from Taizé, but I keep thinking I'm gonna be too old. (Then I realise that 20 ain't all that old.)

Anywho. Must work now. Grunt, grunt.
Charlie will be here tonight. We're gonna be girly and like... plan make up and do each others nails and stuff. Wow.

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Veronica said...

hej din lilla fis!!! låter kul med girlynight! :)) Hade hemmaspa idag, sjukt mysigt! Manipedi, hårinpackning, ansiktsmask, brun utan sol, saltskrubb och ögonbrynsplock :D:D:D:D: pusss