I didn't even drool on the pillows.

So when I hadn't recieved a phone call at 08:10 this morning I sort of dosed off. I figured that if they decided to call then my phone screaming the intro to Starstruck by Lady Gaga would wake me up. They didn't call. I wake up at nine when Dad tumbles down the stairs and pats me on the head.

"No work today?"
"No, we like that, 'cause I'm really tired."
"Maybe you should go to sleep then. In your own bed."

Some time later, mom pats me on the head as well. I really don't know why they harbor this strange objection to me sleeping on the couch.

"Go rest in your bed."
"No. The couch is soft."

I woke up ten minutes ago. My hair looks like Hiroshima and my neck sort of hates me. But hey, I slept for four hours. It was nice. I'm gonna look on the bright side of things.

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