The deep breath before the plunge

Soon. So very, extremely fucking soon.
It's sunday today. If one counts today as well as the other days, one is left with the following:
  • Reunion with kids: 4 days
  • Tattoo: 10 days
  • Brantås with ChristCrew: 12 days
  • The Dinner & The Party To End All Partys: 20 days
  • ToveDarling and Lemle ties the knot: 27 days
  • The sending in church: 28 days
  • Harry Potter & The Half Blood Prince: 31 days
  • Taizé: 34 days
Jesus, Mary, Joseph, all the apostles and all the archangels - give me strenght.
The future is here soon.

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Haje said...

The future is here now, darling <3