It has a certain glow

As you might have noticed,
My lovely Evlajn has once again pimped my blog.
With lovely results. Thank you, my dear! <3> LINK.)

Since it's now easier to count hours instead of days I've decided to remove my Taizé ticker. That's how soon it is. And I'm at peace with it. In all senses and interpretations of the word. Life is what it is. And I'm gonna live it. it's just that I'm gonna live some of it in France. <3

And add to it that I feel sort fo untouchable right now. It's like a soft, not overly bright and softly shining bubble around me. There aren't alot left to break my spririts now. It's really happening. I carry it with me like a little crucifix. It shields me from evil.

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince with Miss Charlie and Miss Evlajn tonight.

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