It's gonna sting in the morning

My sister-in-law is totally preggers.
And by that I mean definitely, undeniably, without a doubt With Child.
I'm gonna be an auntie.

It stings a bit that I'm gonna miss her fat months.
My big brothers first child is apparently already kicking the shit out of my poor Stina (who loves it) but she's not showing. Not just yet. Their second ultrasound is due any day now, and I cannot relay how absolutely elated I am for them.

I'm gonna be the best auntie in the world.
I might miss the first four months of the little buggers existence, but I'm sure as hell gonna be there for the rest of it. For the rest of them.

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Syster Stina said...

Åh vad jag älskar dig Lykke! Jag ska skicka bilder på min feta mage till dig! Och du kommer verkligen bli bästa fastern (blir ju iofs bara en faster, men ändå)!!! Puss!