Show a little faith, there's magic in the night..

Lot of bruce going 'round.

I've started saying my goodbye's now.
My bags are lined up against my bedroom wall, waiting to be packed.
My clothes are sorted, pillows are selected.

And I've started saying my goodbye's.
It's the strangest feeling in the world.
Right now I'm with my sis. Thankfully, she's one of those people who squeal "You're going to Taizé!" with a smile on her face, nothing but happiness for me in her eyes. I'm so very grateful.

I can't really comprehend that I might not see these people for a very long time.
But I'm gonna hazard a guess and say that it just might be really fucking worth it.
And if not, It's always nice to know that people love you, and that they're gonna miss you.

I love you too. <3

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Evelina said...

I've said it before, and now I'm saying it again; Every negative comment about you moving away is just my selfish brain on overload.. I'm so happy for you. And just a little jealous. I wish I had something in my life as special as Taizé is for you. But I'm sure I'll have that after school :)

So tomorrow we're going to see HARRY POTTER ;D And then I'm gonna hug you until you faint, and then lock you up and keep you here... Or maybe not... As long as I get a hug, I'm happy =) Love you to pieces.