This is gonna sting in the morning

The dinner and party are over and done with.
So is some of the crucial shopping that I needed to get done.
My shoulders and neck are so banged up I can barely move.
Mama took pity on me earlier and gave me a backrub, so now it's more stiff and less pain.
Just a slight headache. (Dinner and party huge success though!)

I leave for Taizé in less than 12 days.
It's amazing really.
I always thought about it as the future.
But it's happening now. NOW.

I feel sort of dazed. With a side of confused.
I'm determined to stay just this side of bonkers though.

And I really, really, REALLY want to se Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince now.
We bought the tickets today. *Shakes ass like lunatic, only on the inside. Outsides hurt.*

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