Laetentur coeli, exultet terra!

So, I'm yet again surfing the web on this joke of a computer.
Once you get used to it, it's kind of fun.

I'm officiay staying here for quite some time it seems.
Today I moved in with the other PERMANENT permanents, and I now present to you:

Efficient ways of communicating with me!

Write me letters adressed to

Lykke Durnberger
N'toumi Group
Community of Taize
71250 TAIZE

and send emails to el.abiodh@taize.fr and put my name in the subject.

I miss you all.
I pray for you all.
I love you all.

Benedictus Dominus Deus, quia visitavit et redemit populum suum!


Haje said...

Put your name in the subject? Fattar nada....
Du pratar så mycket latin nu att det börjar bli dags att tvängshämta?
Älskar dig.

Syster Stina said...

Haje: Skriv som rubrik/ämne, när du mailar, Lykkes namn :-)

Lykke jag saknar dig!!!

Lajki said...

Stina har sa ratt, sa ratt. Dessutom hade det varit en mycket battre ordvits om jag hade pratat grekiska. Jag ska jobba pa det.