Que J'exulte Et Jubile En Ton Amour

Look, mom, I speaking french!
Not at all, really, but maybe. If you squint and tilt your head sideways.
Actually, the language to speak in Taize right now is E-Shpanish.
There are so many inter-conties from Latin America here that it's ridiculous not to habla Espanol.

Anyway. What else is new?
My iPod is gone. Gone, as in stolen.
And guess what? Eckhart Tolle is on to something. I have found something down here that makes the material joy of an iPod seem like depression. How cool is that? So I'm gladly paassing it on to whatever cokehead it was who stole my Arne, and I'll borrow Christine's MP3 when I go jogging. Which I do too. For some godforsaken reason I still haven't figured out.

I think I'm gonna be different from before, when I get home. Not necessarily changed, but I might just let other sides of me show. And I'm sort of scared that I'm gonna loose people because of it. But as a comfort, I have this sense that I've gained something infinitely bigger that casual friendship.

I'm gonna head back to church now, and see if any of the 375 (!!) weeklies are still there. If they are, I'm gonna join them in prayer for awhile. Goodnight!

Pax, et Amor <3

1 comment:

Haje said...

Åh, jag blir så glad när du verkar så tillfreds Lykke!
Visa du de sidor som är dina så får du de vänner du förtjänar, hjärtat.
Ha förtröstan.
Jag älskar dig så mycket