Ubi Caritas et Amor, Dominus Tibi Est


Life is nice right now.
Lotten has lent me her very nice camera and I'm taking pictures like a crazy lady, the weather is PERFECT - Sunny, but still cool enough to keep everyone from swetting like pigs, I haven't had a cigarette in 14 days, and my moodswings seem to be a things of the past. (knock on wood.)

If one adds to this that MY SISTER IS COMING TO VISIT ME IN A MONTH, and ignore the fact that I think I'm coming down with something, Life is a good place to be.

(I'm just gonna figure out what the F--k God is trying to tell me right now, because it's just not making sense. Stupid, omnipresent, all-knowing tanscendant being.)

But still, Life is good.
Mom and Dad sent me a package like a week ago, and still have't written them a thank you-letter, so while they're waiting:


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Caty said...

Det låter som att du har det bra där nere! Det är roligt att läsa/höra från dig. Kram faster Catrin