Bogoroditse Dievo

To the lovely people whom I might have scared a bit with my slightly angsty last entry; I'm fine. I'm just learning that life is life, and that it's horrible and beautiful at the same time. I just gotta have some faith that it will all work out in the end.

This morning I got up at 06:30 again. Me, Ulli and Ida went for a morning walk to the TCV bridge and watched the sunrise. It was breathtaking. When I see things like that I sometimes cannot belive some people dobt the existence of God. Sorry, but I do.

And all the way there and back we had the company of Ginger - the stray cat that made its way to Taize some years back and simply stayed. It's not officialy adopted, but no one is making her go away either. I even heard that she gets along fairly well with the brothers' two dogs, Aslan and Fadou. That's the spirit of reconcilliation!

Ulli took some pictures this morning, and I'll see if I can get some posted somewhere. If the internet and the Taize-puters lets me. Laters. <3