In Te Confido

I just realised how much my life right now differs from how it wold look like if I were home. For instance; the only difference between thursday and friday is that the cross in church has ben laid on the floor instead of standing up. I still go to bed at 23.00, because I still have to get up at 07.45 saturday morning. But fear not - on sundays we get to sleep in. Breakfast is served 08.45, followed by Catholic mass at 10.00.

Except me, tomorrow.
Tomorrow I have breakfast with my team at 08.00,
before handing out 146 picnics.
TodayI'm handing out 9.
Stressful job, really.


Haje said...

Today, yor dad and I woke up at 9.45.
But of cause, we are psychic... Hahahahaha
Fun intended ;-))

Haje said...

I know i`ts spelled YOUR..