Tenglish 101 - "I know not where is Lynn, yes?"

Welcome to Taize english, Tenglish for short, lesson number 1.

Start by choosing your accent. The original one is french, but you may now choose between several different ones - such as german, polish, spanish and italian.

Once you have chosen you accent, please remove all verbs from your vocabulary. Simply replace them with the single word "make". (For extra credit, rename all horizontal surfaces - e.g gound, table - and simply call them "floor".)

What really separates tenglish from any other languages though, is the question. There are none. To inquire something, one makes a statement which is followed by a "Yes?" or "No?" to inform the person one is talking to that one is not certain that ones statement is correct and that one would like them to remedy this situation.

Stay tuned for Tenglish 102 - He/She/It and "False Friends".

1 comment:

Haje said...

You get two for one: I do not know were Lynn is. Do you know were she is?
Looking forward to the next lesson