You're a real Dead Ringer for Love

Casa can never get their stories straight.
I ended up handning out 13 picnics this morning, and I'll be handing out at least five more this afternoon. That's twice what Casa told me yesterday. Oh, and tomorrow I'm handing out 206 picnics. I didn't even know we had 200 people on the field.

I love Taize. Nothing ever works, things are always just this side of chaos and we all put our complete trust in a bunch of crazy monks who all scratch their heads and shrug. I positively LOVE this place.

Next week I'm doing Adult's Animation. According to Sylvia, this means standing on a chair and shouting alot. Sweet.

Time to send some letters. <3

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Haje said...

I can do that at home...stand on a chair and shout alot!!!
yyeeeeeehaaa ;-))