Gloria Deo

Cat, out of bag it is, hmm?

The 16th of November I got on a train from Macon to Paris, and then I flew from Paris to Copenhagen. I arrived in Sweden around midnight, and I got to sleep in my own bed for the first time in four months.

Since then I've been forcing my entire family into radio silence because there were people I wanted to surprise by being an ass and simply showing up somewhere I knew they would be.
Last night I jumped my babydoll Evlajn at the Tegan and Sara concert at Mejeriet. She totally cried <3

And finally i can say it our loud - in writing, but still, this is the internets, baby;

I'm home.


Caty said...

Välkommen hem! Vi syns i jul! <3

Fladdormamman - bebis till jul said...

Jag hade det nog ALLRA SVÅRAST! Kan du fatta vilket böl jag lade av med när jag hörde din röst?!!!!