With the words Christ gave us we pray

French week came and went. O, mon Dieu! (Putain.)

All together over 6500 french, unwilling teenagers positivvely invaded our hill. There is no other word for it. But we pulled through and, as some sort of charmic balance, this week we welcome 28 visitors too stay the week. The quiet in church is unbelievable. Big Kitchen is closed, along with Casa. Meals for everyone is cooked in El Abiodh (here there be dragons) and pilgrims are welcomed in La Morada. Winter is here, and as Sr. Fiona put it - We're gonna be cleaning alot.

Right now, I'm a bit to unstable to enjoy the quiet. For awhile I got a case of something aking to cabinfever, and I wasn't entirely sure that the real world still existed outside of our haven here, our bubble of common life. This ended though, after several phonecalls home, letters and text messages. The result is instead that I'm very homesick at the moment.

I wanna sit in a couch. I haven't done that since the 18th of July.
I wana play my piano, and drink white wine.
I wanna see all of the dearly loved people at home, and hug them all until they're blue.
But you can't have everything, and as dad would say "you can only be at one place at a time."
So I'll settle for this.

I love you. God bless you. <3

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Maria said...

Skickade ett långt brev till dej igår :)