All roads lead to Memory Lane

I've been up way to late again - reading blog posts form over two years ago. It's so very strange to look back at times like those, and think of how I felt. I washappy, so very happy. Not that I'm unhappy now, I'm just another kind of happy. Make sense?

And also, people who read my blog - drop me a line? Just a teeny, tiny comment to this post. I feel like no one at all is reading this shit, and if that is the case I might as well stop.

Nictoine and bed. Night, night.


Evelina said...

Nonono, never ever stop :) I'm reading. But I might not count.

Lajki said...

Now why the heck wouldn't you count?? You are one of teh moste importante <3

Maria said...

Jag läser, jag läser, jag läser! Sluta inte skriva.