Angry. (If you don't wanna read it all, just read the last sentences.)

After spending last night listening to Tokio Hotel's "humanoid" in both german and english and finding them both very, very good, I fell asleep content and pleased.

I woke up at two p.m (I know, I know, no need to point it out) and was handed a big white envelop from dad. For a breif second I thought it might be the university sending me my acceptance papers - lazy asses - but no. It turns out to be one of the few magazines I've subscribed to in my entire life. It's a LGBT-mag called "Come out". It's always been a very good magazine with fun articles and nice pictures.

It seems they too have taken their stand in a debate, just like me. See, when I chose to officially like Tokio Hotel, they chose to officially Hate Religion.
The cover of this particular issue of "Come Out" has a picture of a fake pope on it, holding a brick. he looks mighty pissed off, like he might throw the brick at someone. the bottom of the picture is covered in bold, white letters spelling out the word "HATERS".

Inside is a 5 page article about all the fundamentalists in the world and what evil they have done, on all the horrors religion has caused and why it sucks. In one (1!) sentence they add sort of in the passing that it's a mutual thing and that the LGBT movement isn't vey positive toward religion either. Up in one (1!) corner is a tiny notice from some sort of priest (I think) trying to tell about christian people interested in the political rights of LGBT, people trying to learn and see from the others perspective. He is quickly forgotten. We are told that even though this feeling of hate is mutual, it is religion -read Christians - who threw the first stone. It's all their fault.

I am not saying that bad things haven't been done in the name of faith, but that wasn't faith's, or religion's or God's fault, it was the powerhungry, evil HUMANS who did shitty things under the most powerful banner they could find at that time. Powerhungry evil humans do the same thing today, just under other banners. Money. Wars "for freedome", wars "against terrorism".

Still. I spent four months in a monastery meeting people who share my sentiment;

It is possible to be non-hetero and still belive that God loves you. It is possible to be completely heterosexual and still believe that God loves people who are non-hetero. THE WORLD IS NOT BLACK AND WHITE.


Stina said...

Du har verkligen rätt, även om jag bara orkade läsa första halvan av inlägget och det sista stycket...

Jag har så svårt för engelskan... PUSS

Haje said...

Kunde varit jag som skrivit detta <3 SÅ rätt tänkt gumman!

Maria said...

Hade detta varit facebook hade jag tryckt på 'Like'-knappen :D

Caty said...

You're absolutely right, my dear! <3