For some ungodly reason.

Since a grand total of one (1!) person claimed to be reading my blogg, this feels kinda useless. But since that one (1!) person was none other than my beautiful Evlajn, I am compelled to keep blogging. 'Cause she said so.

I woke up 9:30 this morning to find Van Morrison blasting out of the speakers on the second floor. Not a hint of parent anywhere, and I keep thinking that maybe they've both been abducted?

(Andi fixed my computer. Which means I don't have a credible reason to buy a new one. Set my sights on a new iPod instead. Purple!)


Haje said...

jay readar din blåggis<3

Stina said...

Jag läser oxå, även om jag bara fattar hälften... Nu måste jag byta bajsig blöja again :-)

Caty said...

Jag är en trogen läsare och fan av dig! <3 Kram faster