If the golf stream turns, we'll trade climates with Alaska.

And Im not completely convinced it hasn't already happened.
Driving home with dad from my latest babysitting venue (I'm now 400 SEk richer) we were slightly nervous about making it all the way home. My parents drive a tiny peugeot, a compact piece of silver metal bout th size of a bug - with the finishin touch of a miniature yellow Teletubbie (yuck) sliding around precariously by the windshield.

Around us rose mountains of snow, seemingly twice the size of our beloved car. Towards the end of our drive we started plowing snow up the windshield. But we made it home safely, and dad backed in and out of our drive way just to make sure we can get tomorrow.

It looks like we're gonna have a white christmas this year. I can't remeber the last time we had one fo those. Stupid climat changes. Singing at baptims tomorrow, which will be so much fun - if I don't wake up tomorrow morning the same way I did today; with a sore throat.

Night, lovelies.

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