"I'm sorry, We're busy." (You suck and we don't want to visit)

Is it just me, or was life... happier when we were younger?

I'm the youngest of four siblings. (The rest of them are boys, I might add.)
I was always the one to find things out the last, the one who got the news by eavesdropping on conversations, or when the news which were being delivered were old and not potentially harmful. This has always angered me, alot. Often, it has made me feel looked down upon, considered immature and most of all; it was so freaking unfair.

As I leaf through an old photalbum of ours, I see faces I haven't seen in years. Friends, realtives, co-workers and family who got dropped somewhere along the line. Some of them I know all too well what happened, why we don't see each other anymore and why we pretend not to notice each other on the streets. Yet, others just quietly disappeared. Slipped away. Lost contact.

Is there a story behind those faces too? A story I was to young to be told? Did something happen that I didn't need to know?

Is it just me, or are people in general loosing more friends than they are gaining?

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Haje said...

Som förälder är det svårt att alltid veta vad som är rätt att göra. Ibland vill man beskydda sitt barn från all världens ondska fast man vet att det vore bäst att berätta.
Du har ALDRIG uppfattats som mindre vetande av oss, snarare som mycket jordnära och brådmogen. Det har alltid bara berott på våra tillkortakommande om du fått veta något sist eller kanske inte alls.
Vi älskar dig så och vill tyvärr beskydda dig lite för mycket ibland. Förlåt <3