Oh, holy night.

It is now 01:59 p.m. I'm awake. 'Tis strange.

Merry Christmas everyone! In Sweden I should have posted this yesterday since we celebrate on christmas eve instead of christmas day. (It's very strange. I'm not really sure why. We -well, me anyway - are very aware that Jesus was born on christmas day. But hey, traditions and all that.) But since I have friends in the states (how cool is that by the way?) I get away with posting this on The Day instead of The Eve.

Yesterday was very nice. It started of horribly, but it turned out really nice. I only slept 5 hours between the 23d and the 24th and woke up in a godawful mood, which just got worse as the day wore on. I snapped out of it in time for everyone to arive though. Smart move, eh? I then got to spend hours upon hours with my niece (scroll down for pic) and the rest of the family. Loads of food, good TV and a nice, modest pile of gifts for everyone. All in all - A Very Nice Christmas.

For the first time in several years though, I didn't go to the midnight mass in church. This because of the distinct lack of sleep. Instead I fell asleep on the couch around eight o'clock. Sometime later my mom dragged me to my bed, where I slept until 12.22 a.m. It's so very boring to be awake when everyone else is sleeping.

Long lay the world in sin and error pining,
'til He appeared and the soul felt its worth.
A thrill of hope - the weary world rejoices.
For yonder breaks a new and glorious morn'.
Fall on your knees, and hear the angel voices;
Oh night Divine, when Christ was born.

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