She's here ♥

On the 5th of December 2009, at 05.35 in the morning, Isabella was delivered with an emergency ceasarian due to the fact that her umbilical cord was unfortunately wrapped around her neck. She arrived in this world weighing 2900 grams, 49 cm long. She looks a bit like a turle yoda. She's the most beautiful I've ever seen.

(Not that I've actually met her yet. But hey, pictures!)

Welcome, my beautiful girl.
My lovely Niece. ♥

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karafun said...

Hi Lÿkke,

This is Cami; I stumbled upon your blog while searhing a direct phone number for N'Toumi. Needless to say, I haven't found any.

Good to hear everything went fine and your niece has landed safely on the planet of us (im)mortals. Let her be strong in faith and character and very cuddly and pretty!

Oh, and at last, I'm sorry for being such an ass the day we were in Paris. Leaving Taizé came with grieving and radical changes. You have left behind a grey/black checkered scarf and a crucifix chain of orange wooden beads. (I call that colour "Normandy Slug" - and I say that not to underline the quality of your taste, but merely of how big of a geek I am). Anyhow, if you want them back, do please tell me and leave me a mailing address.