Stand firm until the dawn comes, and the morning star rises.

A slightly more satisfactory number of four (4) people now claim to be reading my highly eccentric blog posts. This makes me happy. Thank you. I was just checking ^-^

My Plans For Life TM is moving along as planned. I move out from my current location (mum and dad's) on the 17th of January, to go hang with Ceit. (A.k.a my extra-mum) Despite the fact that she has known me since before I was potty trained, she will not baby me. She will not cook for me, or do my laundry, or let me get behind on rent. This is good. We like this. I get to play grown-up without having to deal with total strangers. Sweet.

(She is giving me her "old" laptop though - and I didn't even ask for it. She voluteered it. Benefits never hurt anyone.)

Now I just have to tighten my belt and hang on until Januray.
And figure out how to accuire a purple iPod Nano without my family making to much fuss.

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