This changes everything.

Hoooo. Deep breath.
Big day. Special evening.

When I was younger I loved those special evenings. Evenings that were so special that the rules concerning bedtime were overthrown. Everyone would stay up, and the mood would be almost vigil-like. Like the night before going on one of our numerous trips to France. Me and mom especially would stay up and pack the last few things. Or like the night before my special project for third year was due. My dad had set me the rule that I had to be in bed by 23.00 every night. That night he came down just after midnight and observed me infront of the computer, sighing and typing and clicking.

"Want me to make you some coffe?"
"I don't drink coffe. But thank you."

I think he made me a cup of tea. Like a blessing of sorts.
There are nights when the rules are unspokenly thrown out the window.
Then there are nights when everyone goes to bed early, because we all know that tomorrow has big things in store for us all. For me, tomorrow means a perm and a waitress job.
(Money - Wooo.)

And also quite possibly; the arrival of the Most Wanted Fladdor. This tiny miracle of a baby. My thoughts and prayers are with my oldest brother and my incredibly strong sister-in-law. For weeks now she has put up with some sort of Braston-hicks-contraction-thing-from-Hell, and we are all beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel. There's a tiny hand waving at us, just around the corner. (Yes, the baby belongs to all of us. Especially me and the future grand mother.)

I'm gonna go to bed and try to sleep. you never know what tomorrow might have in store.

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