Well, it was about god damned time.

For the first time in long while I'm not looking forward to New Years because I'm eager to see the past shitty year gone. It hasn't been that shitty you see. I got a nice feeling inside as I came to this marvelous revelation. This year I've taken my first stepts toward the horror we all know and love; Adulthood. I ain't gonna be modest, I got a lot of shit done.

  • I've had a full time job. I worked as a temp kindergarten teacher, made my own money and learned alot. I don't exactly miss it, but it was fun. A good time of my life.
  • I had one of the best summers in a few years. I did alot of things I'd been wanting to do for a long time, and I did it with all of my best friends around me. I was high on love through out all of June and July.
  • I made the most important journey of my life so far. I went to Taizé, France. And I stayed. For awhile. I made peace with my faith. I had planned to stay for ten months originally, but I made the decision to go home earlier. Which was nice...
  • Because on the 5th of December the apple of my eye, the keeper of my heart, the littlest but most lethal ninja of them all came in to this world. My niece Isabella was born.

So this New years eve, I'm gonna spend with good friends, being thankful for all the blessings I've recieved. What are you thankful for?

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Haje said...

Så klokt! Jag är tacksam för dig!
Kram Mamma