..and who okay'd winter anyway?

Me and Ceit took a bravewalk around the town this afternoon. 'twas a goddamned blizzard, I tell you. But I gots me a calendar, and some cigarettes, and a lock for my bike.

Tomorrow I'll finally get my diagnostic vocabulary test back. Also, my student nation virginity will be taken, by none other than my dearest Bitch and Lovah and her awesome man-friend. And friday will apparently continue in the same style. Though a bit more hardcore it would seem. Tomorrow will probably serve as warm up, beacuse...

SI-mentor 1: "So, we thought.. friday..."
SI-mentor 2: "Yeah, friday.. we drink."
SI-mentor 1: "Yup. And this is a good thing."
SI-mentor 2: "Because when you sit in your next lecture you can think 'Shit, I don't know anything, and everyone else knows so much, but that's cool because that guy puked on himself yesterday.'"
SI-mentor 1: "So we'll meet up on Helsingkrona Nation on friday. At 3 p.m."