First day of 2010 - with Springsteen on loudly.

Let's face it - if one considers my activities of the past year (e.g spending four months in a monastery, learning the true value of silence) one might get an idea of just how hard I party. Not very, that is. But last night was fun. It got a bit loud for awhile - considering it was a dinner party - and I sort of had to step outside and take a few deep breaths. (read smoke)

But I had Sofie and Sofia, and our lovely hostess Ellen. It was nice. I looked good. I managed to end up in a very boisterous but pleasant conversation with two exchange students from Australia and South Africa. 'twas very nice indeed.

When I grow up, I'm gonna go to parties attended by people who uses words and phrases like 'one must'n't ' and 'ah, yes, quite'. And I'm gonna marry Lucius Malfoy too.

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