I liked today. It made me happy.

The sun shone. I've socialized with three fantastic people, all of whom I am deeply fond of. I haven't two of them for quite some time. I went to church, for the first time since I got back from Taizé. (My priest was way cool. He looked at me, nodded once and said 'Good. You're here.') I got some prospects for the future, which also served in making me feel wanted and appreciated. I got all my Taizé pictures moved to a safe location. I ate some chips. I smoked a bit. (I love smoking when it's cold out. It tastes better.)

I got to hug someone I haven't hugged in way to long.

If you ignore the fact that it's so frikkin' cold my fingers all fell off on my way to the bus this morning, it's been a very good day indeed.

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