It makes you miss the good old (golden) days.

Today I got some packing done. Go me! I finally sorted and emptied the bathroom and threw out some old bags. Who knows, I might actually be done on time.

After that I got pull one over ChristCrew, Maria and Daniel. Pretending I got a letter from SophieCharlie, I lured them downtown and then surprised them with not a letter, but the real deal. ChristCrew reunited once more! A whole bout of screaming and hugging later, we went to Maria's place and waxed nostalgic about the days of last summer; confirmation and Brantås and getting way to drunk and such nonsense. (The night turned into a spontaneous outing - sadly without Daniel - at the Old Bull. Ah, ye old local pub. Very nice.)

Current status: Headache, with a side of a limp. (I did something to my foot, Lord knows what.)
Current audio: HP & the Deathly Hallows, read by Stephen Fry. Check this shit out if you haven't. I cannot describe the level of awesome.
Current concern: That I won't finish packing in time.This seems somehow inevitable. And that I might be about to do something monumentally stupid.

Ah, good times.

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Haje said...

As long as you can look back an laugh att your mistakes later on in life;go on and do them <3