Mm-bop! (Does booty dance)

Oh, I has a happy!
As the saying goes; all good things are three. (At least in swedish.)

After attending a slightly awkward workshop for Written Proficiency class (in previous logs spelled proficency, ironically enough) that had an even more awkward aftermath, I arrived home to find that Ceit had been kind enough to pick up all the books I ordered - in her name. My LORD! They're so pretty. I love them.

Then I called CSN. Their automatron woman calmly - and slightly roboticly - told me that my student loan finally made it through all the red tape. It arrives tomorrow. Or, y'now, today. KaChing! (Shakes booty like madman.)

I called my dear Sofie, who told me the wonderful news that Derek the Scotsman (an acquaintance from gymnasium) is coming to visit around the end of February. I'm hoping to finally get a grasp on one of the few english dialects which have eluded me so far. Booyah!

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Haje said...

Happy happy happy... :-)
JoH ska gifta sig den 27 febr. antagligen ;-))))
Lots of Love