Ego stroking

We got our vocab test scores for Big mouth & Ugly girl back today.

11 out of 21 got under 11/20 correct, and failed.
8 out of 21 got over 13/20 correct, and passed.
2 out of 21 got over 17/20 correct, and got an A.

I got 18/20. I rock.

I intend to celebrate by getting tickets to see Tokio Hotel live in Copenhagen 01/03/10. Wooo!

Plz to takes note of Tom's guitargasm face around 00:43.


Caty said...

Yes, you rock! <3

Haje said...

Bra att du började träna tidigt: Hello Mother!

Anonymous said...

Nååååååhh....vad du är duktig.... :-D

Men vad hände med de övriga fyra?

/The proud father