Hahahahhahahahahahhahahahha... No.

OMG I'm never pass this fucking exam, Why am I even studying at university, I don't know how to study, WHAT AM I EVEN DOING HERE, I am gonna fail this shit SO HARD and then I'll be forever humiliated, 'cause it's about fucking WRITTEN PROFICIENCY and I've been writing in english since I was in eighth grade, but I'm trained in rethorics; I can give you an awesome speech, I can write dialouge you've never seen before and I can smother you in pure fucking fiction, but I CANNOT WRITE ACADEMICALLY. SHOOT ME. Aaaaahhhhhhh!

So. Yeah. My 365th entry in this moste awesome blog. (Not much considering how long it's been around, but hey. I haven't even begun to procrastinate.)

I'm having some slight bouts of exam anxciety right now. I'm supposed to write academic essays on topics which hold no interest for me what so ever. It's like telling Aretha do sing Muse, or Obama lend his support to those nice White Supremacist-fellows.
I sit down and I honestly do try to write. I actually write alot. And then I read through what I've written and realise it's complete horseshit. Combine this with the fact that I suffer from performance anxciety, and you can see what a peach I am today. Ugh.

(Ha! And the funny part is that right now, my biggest problem is the MOCK exam. The real exam is on monday. MONDAY MORNING.)

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