Oh, yay < 3 // You're LATE.

Yesterday was much fun and love - my middle brother decided to get hitched, with a wonderful gal none the less. It was a smal ceremony down at city hall with just the closest family there. I got to sing them a song and we tied some knew family knots. Welcome to the family, H! We're happy to have you.

On other matters;
GAH. Stupid essay. It's like.. in my brain, but there's a massive traffic jam in my elbows so the words can't make it to my fingers. Stupid essay. And I keep going round and round in circles about the exam tomorrow. One second I'm like "No, it's FINE, it's gonna be a piece of cake!" and two minutes later I'm hyperventilating on the kitchen floor, going "Nooo... why meeee?!".

Yeah. Today is fun.

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