Thursday means tomorrow is friday.

And THANK GOD for that. I need a rest, pho real. I think I'm coming down with something - I have this nasty cough, and it's getting to my chest. (I know, mom, smoking doesn't exactly help.)

My grammar studies freak me out. It's like a rollercoaster ride of emotions. Yesterday I had a lecture. I understood at least 80 % of what he was talking about. I get home and try to do some revision - I understand absolutely JACK. I panic. I go to the workshop today, and breeze through it. Say it with me people; WTF?

Anyway. Gonna sit down and write a letter to SophieCharlie now. Miss you! (Why is the biggest grammar nerd in the universe in FRANCE when I actually attempt to learn this shit?!)

Oh! Almost forgot! It seems to me like outsiders (e.g not my mom or my sister-in-law) stumble upon this blog on occasion. Hi! Welcome! If you're native speakers I would like to apologize in advance for any grammar fails you might encounter.

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