I got Diamonds on the soles my shoes

That's how I feel right now.
I'm tired as fuck since last night (I worked at Playground, Lund's Nation, got in at 3 am) and missed half my lecture in History & Culture (Willie, Willie, Harry, Ste, Harry, Dick, John, Harry three; One two three Neds, Richard two, Harrys four five six, ... then who?) but to and from my lecture I rode my bike at full speed, with my shades on and my jacket off and Graceland pounding my eardrums ina loving manner.

I've payed all my bills, but one. I'be bought enough food to feed a small army. I still have money left. Evlajn is on her way here - we're gonna sit in the sun and do nothing at all.

Oh, and I'm getting 10 590 SEK back on taxes this summer.
GO LIFE. I'm going to Taizé.

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