There should be a play.

Yesterday I visited Evelina and checked out her new digs -she has left The Woods and relocated to The Fields. We had pizza and ran into a genuine Irishman and talked about Swedes and their general personality disorder. There was a feeling of surrealism shrouding the evening - especially as both Evelina and her brother in combination is lethal - but it absolutely peaked when I took the bus home again.

The driver was brutally Russian, with the compulsory Russion Accent. He asked me if it was alright by me if he turned his music. I told him to go for it, and soon the bus was filled with Kalinka-type music. Again - a sense of surrealism filled. We hadn't driven for more then five minutes before I notice the names of the stops we're passing. It began with Outback Road. Then the slightly more bizarre Tresure Mountain Road. But my surrealism sensor broke when we passed Black Holes.

I'm not kidding.

As Evelina so quaintly replied to my spazzy text: "Please remain calm if you experience a slight sense of being imploded. We will have passed them soon".

And all the while there was still the Kalinka-Type Music.
I'm gonna get drunk tonight, darn it. And dance to bad Techno Remixes of Kalinka.

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