So this is this "Alchohol" of which you speak so often

After five vodka shots I've arrived at the following conclusions:

  • Shots are sneaky fuckers. You sit down, have a few, stand up and *WHAM* - drunk as a skunk. (There are five ninjas in the room; can you spot them?)
  • I have three stages of intoxication: Sober, giggle-snort-silly and tired. Yes, avid readers, I am a Tired Drunk. A year ago I might have been forced to add mellow to that, but alas, that part of my life is thankfully (hopefully) somewhat over.
  • Eating tacos when giggle-snort-silly is AWESOME. Really, it's fantastic.
  • Being drunk brings out alot of feelings. Like, for instance; the need to get laid. Which leads me to my last conclusion;
  • There are people I should not be drunk around. Not for a LONG time, anyway.
I'm now gonna turn my thoughts to the Sherlock MF Holmes KinkMeme. Good night.


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Haje said...

Hope you feel as happy when you wake up this morning ! :-)