That felt good!

I think Florence + the Machine is having a good influence on me. It must be all those silly feelings that keep popping out when I listen.

Anyway. My writer's block is gone! I dipped my toe in the water just now, and filled a prompt at the good old kinkmeme. It was about time actually, since I've been breathing that meme for the last two weeks. My first Holmes/Watson! Yay.

But now it's time for bed. Grammar lecture at noon, and errands to run before that. Smoke first, though. And some HP read by beloved Stephen Fry. Night, all!

(Oh, and my awesome-streak with the vocab quizzez are broken. Procrastination, and ultimately sleep deprivation, hindered my revisions and I don't think I'll do more than pass this one. Darn it! Hopefully I can dazzle my teacher with some posh BrE. Hopefully.)

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