Them darn ninjas. Silly, silly ninjas.

Well. I did it. I broke the bear diet.
Tonight there was a Thank You-dinner for those who worked at Hallands Nation last friday. I was one of those people. I decided that free food is never a bad thing for someone in my position and I went.

There were green drinks, with Sprite in them. (Like, really green. Super green. Kryptonite GREEN.) After 15 minutes of indecisivness, I had one. Just one, you know. Can't make that much of a difference, right?

One green drink turned into two glasses of wine and three ciders. And 1½ shot of... something. Don't ask. Next thing I know - Wooo! I'm holding on to the walls and having conversations with random strangers, because they're just as drunk as I am. I'm such a lightweight it's not even funny.

I don't feel bad about it. Yet. But that could be endorfins, 'cause me and Maria <3 danced like crazy ladies for an hour straight.

I'm a student. I'm supposed to be drinking, right? Right?

Does this mean I'm gonna gain like.. 5 kilos at breakfast tomorrow?


Haje said...

You´re well worth it, my darling <3

Maria said...

Det var rooooliiiggtt :D Jag hade kul.
Göra om det?