Tap dancing Christ on a cracker.

Title of entry = best positive reaction in any fandom so far.

Today was good. Despite yesterdays inebreation, I was not at all hung over this morning (read 2.pm) and I got some shit done. I met a bunch of old school people, and then got together with the gang hosting the youth service in All Saints Church this sunday. There I actually got to be the one holding the reins, seeing as how I was the one with the musical knowledge. (This is rare. I usually just do what I'm told 'cause other people know shit like.. IDK, arpeggios and how to do harmonies in fourth and fifths.)

Anywho. Going to bed now. Grammar workshop in the morning. Friday = YAY!

"You are an Englishman and must, above all, forebear. Even with your trousers dropping around your ancles." (Taleya, Sherlock Holmes Kinkmeme)

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